Download Alcohol 52% FE 2.0.1

Maybe you've found a computer program that can only be run if the CD or DVD program is included in the CD rom it. How might you think is not practical, because in addition must always prepare the CD program, the possibility of the CD scratched or damaged are also getting bigger. To overcome this problem, you can use a CD emulator program with which the contents of the CD can be saved as files in the computer and when it will run the program, the files stored is emulated as CD drives. One CD emulator program that you can use for free is Alcohol 52% Free Edition.

Alcohol 52% Free Edition is a CD emulator software from Alcohol Soft is also developing Alcohol Alcohol 120% and 52% who are not free. Compared Alcohol 120%, Alcohol 52% do not have the ability to make media-burning files to CD / DVD, but if it will be used as a CD emulator, I think Alcohol 52% Free Edition is enough. When compared with 52% of commercial Alcohol, Alcohol 52% Free Edition is limited only to create 6 virtual drives, while the other features the same.

To begin creating a virtual CD drive from the CD / DVD you have, you can use the Image Making Wizard, which of these processes the contents of the CD will be saved as an image file formats to choose from, whether the standard ISO file (. iso), Media Descriptor Image file (. mds), CloneCD Image file (. ccd), or CDRWIN Image file (. cue). From this file will be created for a virtual CD drive that reads like a CD drive is actually a computer.

Apart from image files created from CD / DVD, Alcohol 52% Free Edition can also be used to emulate virtiual mebaca and drives from various image format files that already exist in computer format in addition to the above yangs can also read some other file image formats including Nero (. NRG).

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Download Alcohol 52% FE 2.0.1
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